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Rules and Guidelines

The Euskirchen Festival of Sport is organised to encourage sporting links between Basingstoke and Deane and our German twin-town on a competitive but friendly basis and therefore, rules are kept to a minimum although everthing is in place to ensure safety. Team and coach leaders are requested to ensure they are adhered to during the visit.

1. Clubs, players and supporters are representing their club, league, town, sport and country during the weekend and should behave accordingly.

2. Clubs must have relevant league and association permissions prior to taking part in the festival for both home and away games. School absence must be arranged properly by parents.

3. Each club must have a nominated representative fully responsible for its members and supporters at all times, whether at home or away. Ferry companies insist that each group has such a person and a list of all club leaders plus deputies will be passed to the Purser prior to sailing. No Under 18’s are permitted on deck unless accompanied by a responsible leader and not at all on overnight crossings.

4. Club Leaders must ensure that under age or excessive drinking does not occur and that their members are aware of the Festival’s requirements. If anyone is seen selling or giving alcohol to youngsters who are under age then they should and will be reported to the relevant authority. (Purser on the ferry). All clubs are requested to keep their junior members out of bars at all times and ensure that local drinking laws are fully adhered to.

5. Foul language, bad behavior, fighting, damage or theft will not be tolerated in any way and any breach will be investigated and relevant action taken. If found guilty, the offender (or club if necessary) will be banned from future twinning events. The association or authority (or local police if necessary). Therefore, it is in the club’s best interest to follow these rules and to keep the Festival trouble free.

6. Club leaders must ensure that each club member is aware of the Continental coach regulation which permit no alchohol for consumption whilst in transit. A maximum of four litres of wine and Duty Free allowance of spirit and one crate of beer per adult will only be permitted to comply with coach weight regulations. Seat belts must be worn if fitted on coaches and there must be no standing whilst the coach is in motion.

7. Team and coach leaders are responsible for ensuring that their coach is kept clean and tidy at all times and especially prior to arrival in Euskirchen and back in Basingstoke. All rubbish to be placed in bags provided and chewing gum discouraged. 

8. Each club representative will be responsible for making sure that the relevant FREE European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is held by each participant to ensure any required healthcare during the visit. The representative will also be responsible for initially dealing with any injuries or medical issues sustained whilst abroad to members of their group. Each participant must also have a valid passport in their name valid for at least six months after the trip.

9. Leaders must ensure that they have adequate supervision for their group and are responsible for their behaviour and well being at all times during travel and whilst abroad which includes with host families.

10. Team leaders must ensure that all their members know when and where to meet on the Ferry before rejoining the coach and are aware of meeting details if the coach stops anywhere else.

11. Although the Sports Council will co-ordinate travel insurance and accommodation for sporting twin weekends, they will not accept responsibility for any unforeseen problems or incidents caused by carelessness or misbehaviour. Group leaders must make every effort to ensure the safety and well being of their members at all times including any stops during the coach journey. Participants must be prepared to accept this ruling after payment has been received.

Festival Guidelines

Team Guidelines
Participants should ideally be aged between 10 and 18 as this is mainly a youth twinning event. Teams travelling for the first time should be younger to encourage long term exchange twinning. A maximum ratio of 1 adult for every 8 children is recommended with one adult being first aid qualified. If a mixed group then male and female leaders should be present. Each team should ideally have a qualified first aider within their group and be aware of Child Protection guidelines. Additionally, each team leader should ideally be CRB police checked.

Arrival at Coach park before departure
Stack you baggage together as a group outside the coach to ensure it is loaded together for ease of unload when required. Try and ensure your name and sport is clearly visible on your baggage. Only take basic baggage into the coach but ensure you have your passport. Ensure that you sit together as a group and behave plus keep your area tidy during the trip.

Arrival at Coach park before departure
Participants are encouraged to eat a normal tea before arrival at the coaches. If parents have packed food and drink for children and the overnight journey please ensure that it is suitable with no fizzy drinks. Experience has shown that everything is either eaten or drunk before arrival at the ferry and cases of sea or coach sickness result. Snacks can of course be taken for the first day in Phantasialand or in Germany but save them for arrival.

Ferry Crossing Dover to Calais
If leaving the coach at the port for the toilet or a shop, be careful as ports are full of traffic not sure where it's going. Also, do not get engaged in conversation with strangers and when on the ferry, respect other passengers, do not run and mind your language. Do not waste money on board and do not eat or drink too much with a long journey ahead. Absolutely no juniors on deck at any time and ensure you know where your team is meeting for return to the coach.

Journey to Euskirchen
It is very important to sleep soon after leaving Calais or your first day in Phantasialand will be ruined. If anyone cannot sleep then be quiet and do not disturb others. No music or mobile phones to be on during the night and ensure you area is kept very tidy. A drivers stop around 06:30 does not require passengers to wake or leave the coach unless they require the toilet.

Arrival in Euskirchen
Our hosts usually provide a very light breakfast and if they do, respect their hospitality and if a welcome speech is given, be quiet and listen. After breakfast, remove all your baggage from the coaches and move it to the hall where it can be locked up for the first day. Remember to adjust the time on your watches. There is then a short time for a wash or change if required.

Do not take expensive items or all your money into the themepark plus be careful with any bags taken. It is adviseable to leave as much as possible in your bags in Euskirchen. Form neatly in groups whilst waiting for entry tickets and ensure you know what time to meet and where at the end of the day. Behave at all times whilst in the park, stay in small groups and with an adult if possible - do not go round alone and do not get involved with any strangers.

In among the rides are a wide variety of shows, restaurants and entertainment and as you have six hours there is no rush so enjoy everything. Do not take valuables or all your cash to the themepark as there is always the possibility of losing it.

Maybe print a map before you go, check out the website for information on the rides and choose your route and favourite rides to target before the park gets busy around lunchtime.

Host families
On arrival back in Euskirchen you will be met by your host family so collect all your luggage and ensure your leader knows you have met your family before departing. There is always the possibility that you may not be hosted as expected but please respect the host families hospitality, enjoy the weekend but report any problems to your team leader. Make every effort to join in wit the family activities and do not sit quietly doing nothing. It is your weekend so try to chat and join in, if you want to go somewhere then ask the family.

Mobile phones
Everyone is reminded not to use mobiles to chat to family and friends whilst in Germany as phone bills can quickly get expensive. Restrict calls to a minimum and remind any juniors in your group about the excessive charges. Your host family will normally allow a call to home on their landline.

Token Gift
It is always polite to offer a token of gratitude to the host family as thanks for their hospitality. This need not be expensive and a small gift for the mother from England is often popular. Perhaps Marmalade, Jam, Tinned Chocolates, Wine or Port. Alternately, get them some flowers at the local market.

Etiquette / drinking & eating
Please remember that when being hosted you are a visitor in someone's home so do not abuse the hospitality. Common sense prevails as ideally this person will visit you in the future and you may return to Euskirchen at some time. Be courteous, friendly tidy and polite and if old enough to drink know your limits. Try the food as they will try English when visiting Basingstoke and do not be rude by leaving food, If you really do not like something say so before eating. Being ill in a hosts home or car is not amusing and underage drinking is not permitted at this event plus negates Insurance. Do not embarrass yourself, your team or the host family.

Return trip
Ensure you collect all your belongings and pack your baggage on the coach as a group. Ensure coach is kept tidy and behaviour does not upset others. When stopping anywhere, remain in groups with a team adult at all times. On arrival in Basingstoke, advise your team leader that your family has arrived and ensure you take all your belongings. Team leaders to check their coach area for tidyness plus left luggage.

Homesick or problems
If you are homesick, have a personal problem, wish to speak to you team leader or even your family at home, ask the host family. Do not dwell on a problem which may ruin your weekend and could easily be resolved. Host families will normally allow you to phone home or a friend in Germany but do not abuse this. Try not to use mobiles as it can become very expensive.

Emergencies / Accidents
In the event of any emergency contact your team leader immediately and advise your host family if appropriate. Your team leader will take action and contact the Festival co-ordinators if required. All team leaders can be advised of issues and can progress if your own is not available. In the event of having to visit hospital, ensure the Festival co-ordinators are advised and ensure you take your passport plus EHIC medical card with you.

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